• This week's barger for rally bowl Mushrooms with pork and summer vegetables Miso-rice bowl

      880 yen

      Also in the onion consomme soup with rice piled high free dinner is the season of the taste of dark vegetables grill and a week instead main bowl of natural farming house Yamagata Sagae of the popular "Nishio Mrs.".

    • Popular! Date na rich carbonara

      980 yen

      It is one of the billboard menu of onion consomme soup, mini salad with open since Rarumu.A small amount of the finest of Sendai miso and was added to the Zao land Yotamago, is rich carbonara exquisite balance!

    • Italian tomato curry of chicken minced meat and colorful vegetables

      780 yen

      Rice large serving free onion consomme soup mini salad with whole tomatoes in whole stewed Western-style curry in ground meat accents fried in herbs and spices.Since the spiciness is modest, please at your favorite Tabasco.

    • Tomato sauce of seasonal pasta diced bacon and Yamagata land vegetables

      980 yen

      Mini salad onion consomme soup with