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◆ 【NEW exquisite cow Misu meat steak & ground vegetable grill】 Summer La room course (with drinking 120 minutes) ◆

◆ 【NEW exquisite cow Misu meat steak & ground vegetable grill】 Summer La room course (with drinking 120 minutes) ◆

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All-you-can-drink available

Cocktails can be offered outside of the menu if there is material.We can prepare sparkling wine and sake etc. according to the number of people and conditions, so please contact us.

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope on the day until 21 pm
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

A very popular new menu, beef Misudi meat steak and a course that boasts plenty of ground vegetables in various regions of Tohoku that are special in Larum, can be tasted only at our shop!

Course menu

◆ appetizer three Assorted

Octopus octopus and marinated flavored vegetables

Pinchos of duck smoked and camembert

Homemade Italian omelet with no added ketchup

◆ Yamagata "Tomato and Yobube" High sugar content tomato and summer vegetable salad

◆ Anchovy, olive and summer vegetables pizza siciliana

◆ NEW Main! Beef Misuji steak with ground vegetables grill in Tohoku Summer sauce Japonais

◆ Today's pasta

◆ Dolce Mist of the day

You can change to a dessert plate with a coupon.

The last order will be 15 minutes before the end.

When charter or full occupancy, it may take 2 hours to use the seat.

※ Depending on the inventory of ingredients the content may vary.

Please note.

All-you-can-drink menu

- Draft beer Beer cocktail
· Sapporo Black Label · Shandyferf · Red Eye
Spirits Cocktail
· Gin tonic · Jimbac · Orange blossom · Vodka tonic · Moscommeureur · bulldog · rum tonic · rum coke · lamb orange · tequila tonic · tequila orange
Wine Cocktail
· American lemonade · kitty · miffy · keel · carimoco · spritzer
Fruit Cocktail
· Cassis orange · cassis grapefruit · cassis soda · peach soda · fuzzy name · reggae punch · peach grapefruit · lychee soda · lychee tonic · lychee orange · litchi grapefruit · campari · orange · campari · soda · spumoni
Milk Cocktail
· Karoa Milk · Cassis Milk · Peach Milk
· Ice Ball (Dry High Bowl of Grapes)
· Ice ball · lime ice ball · punch lemon ice ball
Sour sake High
· Punch lemon sour · Man plum sour · lime sour · grapefruit sour · oolong high
And other
· Plum wine · sweet shochu · wheat shochu · red wine · white wine
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea · cola · ginger ale · orange juice · grapefruit juice · jaw tea · ice coffee · tomato juice

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